Relaxation Massage

Relaxation massage consists of light pressured, long effleurage hand motion to gently warm the muscles and circulate blood flow.


Sports Massage

Sports massage is a type of therapy preferred by athletes and the particular stresses they place on their bodies. This technique help athletes avoid injuries, cool down after exertion and enhance their overall performance. Proper sports massages concentrate on increasing motion and flexibility, relieving muscle soreness, and promoting a quick recovery from muscle tension.



Acupressure (a portmanteau of "acupunture" and "pressure") is a traditional Chinese medicine technique derived from acupunture. This technique focuses on pressing pressure points to stimulate nerve activity.


Deep Tissue

Deep tissue massage is designed to relieve severe tension in the muscle and the connective tissue or fascia. This technique helps to break down "knots" or tight muscle blocks.

PNF Stretching (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation)

PNF stretching is one of the most effective ways to increase flexibility. PNF stretching improves the flexibility of all major muscles, and although it usually requires the help of a partner, you can also do it on your own.